OUR FEATURED BEERS CURRENTLY ON DRAFT.....(we are always trying new things, so stop on in to see the latest from Brewmaster Neil and brewing sidekick Matt)

BLUE COLLAR CREAM ALE, (American Cream Ale) .... An easy drinking, straw in color and full white foamy head beer. This style of beer was originally designed to compete with the big beer companies' typical American Lager. This beer is thirst quenching finishes dry and really hits the spot on a warm day.

SISKIYOU PASS ENGLISH PALE (ESB)..... An English style Pale Ale brewed with European hops, and uniquely malted grains. Kettle caramelization assures a butterscotch honey like flavor lending that pub flair for an English Pale Ale.

APPLEGATE PALE ALE (American Pale).... This beer is a session pale ale brewed with crystal malts and American style hops from the Pacific Northwest for that west coast flair imparted from the citrusy cascade hop. This beer is fabulous paired up with a spicy meal.

CALYPSO COWBOY TROPICAL IPA (American IPA) brewed for those hot summer days laying in the shade. In the Pacific Northwest we really like our IPA's, so we designed this beer to be crisper and lighter on the IPA side, yet wonderfully hoppy and tropical with fresh mango's and toasted coconut. The Calypso hops used in this recipe lend a natural pineapple and papaya flavor enhancing the season of summer. Refresh and relax!

HopJaw IPA (American IPA).....This pacific northwest IPA is brewed with Cascade and Zythos hops for that northwestern flair you've come to expect from an American Style IPA. We first wort hop our bittering hop addition for a strong yet smooth hop presence. We brew it with Munich malts and just a touch of corn sugar for a dry and refreshing, yet malty backbone to balance the hops. ENJOY!

WORKIN GAL BROWNE(American Brown Ale)....This is our version of a wonderful Brown Ale, brewed with toasted malts, and American hops. We have named it in celebration of our rich history steeped in the wild west here in our brewery. It was said that at the turn of the century in this building there was an old brothel. Let's give cheers to the working women of yester-years. Here's to you ladies, cheers!

TABLE ROCK RED ALE (American Amber).... This is one of our originals.  When our founder first started BricktownE, he made a name for himself with this beer as one of the local favorites. This malty and slightly roasty red ale finishes full and flavorful, never harsh and bitter, always smooth and easy. Brewed with German and American hops.

ORE-GUNSLINGER DIPA (American Imperial or Double IPA)...This style of beer is usually strong in alcohol and very hoppy. This is a beer that we consider to be the night cap. That one last beer to finish the night off strong and delicious. Full of malty flavor and body, bursting with hops and bitterness, and keeping that hop aroma going strong describe the Gunslinger in it's grand form. Don't get shot down in the streets of BricktownE by this bad guy.

WHISKEY CANYON PORTER (English style Porter) We took our traditional chocolate rich porter and added Pendleton Brand whiskey soaked oak chips to the secondary fermentation process to impart a slight vanilla and oak whiskey flavor right at the finish of the beer. It's subtle but nice. Cheers to Whiskey Canyon!

DARTH KREIGERS RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUTDarth Kreigers is a big bold Russian Imperial stout that rings in at 11% ABV. Strong flavors of dark dried fruit with an alcohol warming and a robust roast finish this big bad boy. Enjoy in a 12oz Goblet style glass. This shape of glass enhances the aromas.