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Meet The BricktownE Family


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Dennis McPheeters: (Daytime Chef/Part Owner and Manager) "Denny" started homebrewing some time ago. With his astute craftsman building skills he made all of his own brewing equipment and even constructed a little brew house on his property. His passion for homebrew grew to the point that he always dreamed of opening a brewery.

Craig J McPheeters: (Head Brewer/Co-owner) "Craig" started homebrewing with his father back in the "some time ago". His real passion for beer began with all-grain homebrewing, then teaching other would-be brewers and now his skills have evolved to great brewer from being involved in the BJCP. (Beer Judge Certification Program) "The thing that I like about craft beer is the ability to make something that is alive with flavor, the ability to make so many different styles, and strive to find that unique nitch for BricktownE yet remain within style guidelines"

Chris Pearson: (Laison to local beer clubs) Why Chris likes to brew and drink craft beer. "My brother purchased the basics of a homebrew set up for my father. While he really didn't take to the hobby I sure did. I started with canned extract kits and moved quickly to extract with steeping grain and then to all-grain. I kind of dove-in with both feet. Soon thereafter I got involved with the local homebrew clubs, gaining brewing comrades, insight and information. I met Craig through the Rogue Valley Homebrew Club and began helping him with the all grain classes he was offering in his garage. As BricktownE grew I continued offering assistance in any way that I could because I believe in the mission and efforts (not to mention the beer) of Craig and the rest of the BricktownE family."

Scott Parker: (Partner/Co-owner) Scott says, "I discovered Micro-brew in 1982 in Chico California at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. It was in my college days and my first micro-brew. From that moment on I wanted to visit and understand how and where beer was made. Every time I went out of town for vacation, business, etc. I went for the nearest brewery and tried all their samplers.
In 1989 I decided to experiment with homebrewing. Over the years after trying all different beers from all over the country I found the McPheeters family at the Jackson County Harvest fair 2011, and BricktownE Brewing Company. In 2012 I was planning on retiring from Farmers Insurance. After meeting the BricktownE staff I knew I wanted to be a part of the company and the expansion. This is a personal passion and dream to be a part of a local brewery and BricktownE Brewing Company" Thanks Scott it's been a great journey so far.

Neil Smith: (Server/Beer Expert/Brewer) In Neil's own words, "I LIVE craft beer. I love trying new brews and breweries. When I started home brewing I thought it would be a fun hobby, little did I know it would near obsession. I'm  really interested in the history of beer and the cultural differences in beer styles. The smaller scale of craft beer allows for more freedom of ingredients whether making a completely new style or replicating an ancient one. Brewing is the perfect blend of science and culinary art. Understanding of the scientific principles behind the art is important for educating people about the brew they consume. The opportunity to be involved with a local brewery is a dream come true.

Nicole McPheeters: (Co-owner/Designer) Nicole is the wife of Craig McPheeters. Her current role is to help with design of furnishings, floor plans, and any other decorating decisions that need to be made. She is licensed to serve beer and handle food, so she steps in every once in a while at festivals and at the pub. She initially did not care for craft beer and steered more to a light lager. Now after consuming different styles of brew she has found a new love in all IPA styles, even double IPA.

Angela Parker (Partner/Co-owner/Wife) In Angela's words, "I was never much of a beer drinker until I met my husband Scott in 1986 in California. We spent weekends visiting all the local microbreweries and wineries in the area. Over the last 25+ years we have visited numerous breweries throughout the country. In fact every vacation we go on revolves around visiting a microbrewery. At the Harvest fair in 2011 we met the McPheeters family of BricktownE Brewing Company, and enjoyed their beer. Now one year later, we are excited to be a part of the BricktownE family, and we now have an even greater appreciation for beer!"

Hilary Dempsey (Executive Chef/Culinary Graduate/Beer Nerd) In Hilary's own terms, "My beer obsession began at an early age. Watching my dad enjoy a cold Oregon made beer after a long hard day under the sun was a pivotal moment in my life. My mom would make homemade meals from the garden and livestock we had on the farm, we all gathered together to reap the rewards of the day over dinner. How happy my parents we were and what great memories we all had. That dewy chilled glass of beer was always fascinating to me. What I really like about beer is that it is such an art to create and master. The smells of the hop, grain, mash and boil are amazing. There is nothing like it in the world, true contentment! Oregon is beer heaven! With so many local unique hops and delicious ingredients, it is awesome to be so connected to where and how our beer is made. I love that I can use my moms pumpkins for my own homebrew, find wild elderberries, hazelnuts, and hops for any other adventurous beer. My true passion is cooking and bringing the whole meal together by pairing it with a great balanced beer. I attended Medford Culinary Academy in 2007 and Graduated top of my class. There's an old saying that goes, "A man hath no better thing under the sun than to eat, drink, and be merry!" Ecc. ch8-v15. I really do live by that and it has been a career that I truly love."

Jamie McPheeters (Bar Manager/Wife of Dennis/Mom of Craig) In Jamie's words, "When Denny started brewing his own beer back in the late 90's, I did the kind wifely thing and tried it. Well the beer kept getting better and better, but I got to tell you I still preferred my Coors Light. As time went on Denny and Craig brewed a cream ale, and that was wonderful. Then Craig brewed a cream ale for BricktownE and it was awesome. One day we went out to dinner, I had a Coors Light, and it was like water, yuk. I was hooked, I am now a craft beer MOM and I love it. Being the Bar Manager at BricktownE we meet so many fun and interesting folks that brings enjoyment and diversity to our lives fulfilling us.

PLEASE COME AND MEET US IN PERSON, we love to share our craft with everyone we meet.
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